Civil, Commercial and Labor Mediation

Why would you submit yourself to the judicial process when you can settle out of court?

The Mediation Service of Drolet Pigeon Avocats Inc. is here to help you.

Réunion 2Before initiating legal proceedings or if it is already been done, have you ever thought that the solution was perhaps mediation? Unlike litigation, mediation allows parties to retain control over the negotiations until the final result. As the saying goes “the worst agreement is better than the best judgment”. Moreover, it is important to know that it is possible to partially resolve disputes, which also reduces the costs associated to the dispute.

What are the advantages of civil, commercial and labor mediation?

It often allows a quick resolution of the dispute. It can also help you save money on fees and costs arising from disputes in court. Moreover, everything reported in mediation is c-o-n-f-i-d-e-n-t-i-a-l unlike civil judgments.

How can  mediation begin ?

Mediation can begin in any of the following situations: when there is a mediation clause in a contract, when the parties agree or even when the judicial process is initiated.

When to start mediation?

As soon as possible is always the best option. Why? This process may help prevent further damage in the situation. Obviously, both parties must agree to start the process. If a party is adamant about its position and does not intend to derogate, mediation may not be the solution.

Do not forget, that until a judgment is rendered, the parties still have the opportunity to settle the dispute by mediation.