Personal Rights

You need to create a tutorship for close relatives? Consent for health care?

Drolet Pigeon Avocats Inc. can take care of you. !

Old manA member of your family should receive treatment but refuses? We do not respect your right to privacy? You want a change in your name? A member of your family can no longer manage his property or/and his person? All these situations are part of what is commonly called personal rights. Because these situations are often delicate, our attorneys will be able to help you in the rights of everyone involved.


We offer several services including:

  • Consent to care
  • Confinement in institution and psychiatric examination
  • Respect of reputation and privacy
  • Respect of the body after death
  • Change of name by way of administrative process or by judicial process
  • Change of designation of sex
  • Application for declaratory judgment of death
  • Emancipation of the minor
  • Establishing protective supervision (curatorship, tutorship or advisor to persons of full age)
  • Elder law (protection of Elder’rights)