My child is 18, I am no longer required to pay child support ? Wrong !

Did you know that you may even be required to pay alimony to your parents ?

In fact, Article 585 C.C.Q. provides that «Married or civil union spouses, and relatives in the direct line in the first degree, owe each other support».

The law does not provide specific age at which the parent should stop paying child support for his childrenHowever, once a child is an adult, other factors come into consideration such as education, financial autonomy of the child, illness, disability, etc. Until the child is considered “dependent” it is highly probable that child support must be paid. However, alimony will not be calculated in the same way as for a minor child. Indeed, Article 2 of the Regulation respecting the determination of child support provides the following:

«The Court may fix the support payable for a child of full age at a level that departs from the level of support which would be provided under these Rules, if it considers it appropriate, taking into account all the circumstances in which the child finds himself, particularly his age, health condition, level of education or nature of his studies, civil status, place of residence, as well as his level of autonomy and, where applicable, the time needed by the child to acquire sufficient autonomy. »

In general, case law considers that a child in full-time attendance at an educational institution remain dependents until obtaining his first degree. However, each case is unique.

It is also important to mention that as long as you have dependent children, you can benefit from free hours in family mediation.

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Text written by Me Roxane Trudel Pigeon, Associate Attorney