If my life partner pasts away, is it true that his share in our house will go to my sister in law and not to me?

Did you know that a minor can bequeath his properties by a will only if the properties are not of a significant value?

Does your partner have a will? If the answer is no, you should know that in certain circumstances your sister in law could inheritance the share of your deceased partner in your residence. In fact, if you have no child, no will, you were not married to your life partner and only his sister is still alive in his family, you may have to share your title of property on your house with your sister in law, even if you have been living with your partner for over twenty (20) years.

If your partner had no will, no family alive and you were married to him, his succession will be devolved entirely to you. However, if you had children, you will get 1/3 of the succession and your children will get 2/3 of the succession.

In the cases where there are several family members alive at the moment of the death, the succession can be quite complicated to handle. This is why it is highly recommended to have a will, since if there is one certitude in life, it is that we all have to leave this world one day.

Written by Me Roxane Trudel-Pigeon, Associate attorney