Is family mediation always free?

Did you know that February 4th 2015 was the day of family mediation in Quebec?

The objective of this day is to heighten public awareness on the benefits of choosing family mediation when a relationship breaks off. In family mediation, the couple can fix on an amicable basis all the consequences of their separation. In family mediation we consider the needs and interests of both parents, and we always prior the needs and the interests of the child. The parents decide themselves of the reorganization of their family and therefore, the family life after the break off is easier and more pleasant.

A good way to encourage people to fix the consequences of their separation on an amicable basis with an accredited family mediator is the low cost, sometimes it can even be free, of the family mediation. However, you shall be caution. Mediation is not always free or not always entirely free.

In fact, the couple that breaks up and has a dependent child gets five (5) free hours of family mediation to fix the consequences of their separation. The parents that have a dependent child and wish to modify an agreement or a former judgement have two hours and a half (2h30) of free family mediation.

If extra hours are needed or if the couple has no dependent child, they will have to pay for the fees of the family mediator.

Therefore, it is not mandatory to be married to benefit of the free hours of family mediation. The only criterion is the presence of a dependent child.

All child under eighteen (18) years old are considered as a dependent child for their parents. However, even if they reach eighteen (18) years old they can be considered as a dependent child. In fact, a child over eighteen (18) years old that studies on a full time basis will still be a dependent child. A child over eighteen (18) years old that can not provide to his needs for a cause of sickness or invalidity will also be considered as a dependent child.

Contact us if you have doubts on your eligibility to the free family mediation hours of if you wish to schedule an appointment in family mediation.

Written by Me Nancy Drolet, Accredited mediator and associate attorney